Wireless Merchant Account

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Wireless Merchant Account

Do you take your business to the customer rather than waiting for a customer to come to you? If so, you may be interested in learning more about a wireless merchant account that lets you take along electronic payment equipment so the customer can pay at the point of service (POS). Imagine how convenient it would be to let customers pay for a service call or a product delivery right in their own homes or places of business, along with any other location they may choose. A wireless merchant account provides you with mobile equipment that doesn't require plug-in capabilities like the models used at the home office or at on-site retail establishments.

What Equipment Do I Need For My Wireless Merchant Account?

After establishing a wireless merchant account with a financial lender, choose the type of mobile equipment that you want for your business. For example, you can get a wireless credit card and debt card processor that operates from your cell phone. Just key in the customer's credit card or debit card account number, along with other required information, get approved, and you can get paid at the point of delivery.

Approving your customer's credit payment onsite can save money, as many financial lenders can be skeptical about the lack of a hands-on credit card when numbers are simply entered via a telephone or computer. But with a real plastic card processor that travels with your employees, you can save money due to lower rates that many lenders charge for the wireless processing service. Your customers will love this payment method, too, as it saves them the trouble of writing a check, keeping cash on hand and getting a handwritten receipt, or waiting for a bill in the mail. Instead, you simply swipe the plastic card, get approved, and print an instant receipt for the customer's signature, with a copy for his or her file.

A wireless merchant account can be managed through a laptop computer, as well. If your employees take along a lightweight laptop that operates on batteries, they can flip it open, process an order with payment, and connect to a printer for a receipt or mail the receipt later. The beauty of a wireless system is its simplicity. No need to depend exclusively on the home accounting team or on a handwritten payment receipt. Now your customers can enjoy the flexibility and ease of paying by credit card from their homes or offices when your employees bring along wireless equipment for processing payments onsite.

How Do I Get the Equipment Needed For My Wireless Merchant Account?

If you don't already have wireless equipment through a merchant services account, talk to a financial lender about getting set up for this payment option. You can buy the equipment outright, or lease it on a monthly basis. Some fees, such as setup and maintenance, may be waived when you purchase a service contract for a certain length of time. Compare transaction fees, which can be calculated per the amount the purchase or by individual transactions, to get the best deal.

Clients will admire your business expertise when you offer wireless payment options through your merchant account.

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