Grade Of Copiers

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Grade Of Copiers

When you go shopping for an office copier, which grade is best for your business? With so many brands and models to choose from, how do you know which one is right for your needs?

It is in your best interests to find out something about the type of grade of copiers that are available on today's market. Then determine which one will work well with your professional setup. Here are a few things to consider. Keep in mind that much will depend on the size of your operation, your day-to-day needs, and any special projects you anticipate in the near future. Additional issues involve cost of purchase or lease, routine maintenance, and possible repairs, as well as space considerations, supplies, and electrical support.

Business Grade

A business grade machine works well for many small and medium-size businesses. Popular and widely available, most models have the common features used by typical companies today. Depending on spatial constraints in your office, you can get a desktop or a floor model. The average cost per copy, including paper and toner, is one cent, while the average purchase price ranges from $1,000 to $10,000+. The business model generally prints up to 50,000 copies per month, and the usual features include a sorter, reduction and enlargement, and an auto document feeder. You can expect this model to operate efficiently for years.

Commercial Grade

For larger businesses or to make money by selling copies, you may be interested in obtaining a commercial grade copier. These can make 50 or more copies each minute, so the cost per copy is quite low. The rapid reproduction rate and high level of print quality make this a superb piece of equipment for top-quality documents and materials. Generally, the commercial grade copiers require less maintenance than the business grade model. However, the copier's cost may be prohibitive, with some units costing $25,000 or more. Some business owners decide to purchase used or reconditioned copiers that come with warranties.

Additional Copier Features

Additional features that may come with either grade of copier include a zoom lens, which changes the document size by one percent increments. A reversing automatic document feeder can handle two-sided originals, and flip them to copy the second side (back side) of each document. Sorter bins typically hold from 10 to 40 sets of copies, with 20 the most popular. If you work with many kinds of documents for copying, you might want to get other options like image editing, multiple color copying, and the book copy feature.

Buying a copier today is very different than it was a generation ago. Go shopping at a local office equipment store, or browse online sites for more information about copying machines to decide what you need and what your business can afford. You might want to figure out a budget first, which can help you determine the amount you can spend for buying or leasing a machine, along with the abilities you need for optimum utilization. Ask the sales associate for references from previous buyers to find out how a specific model has worked for them.

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