Types Of Copiers

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Types Of Copiers

Does your business need a good copier? If you are paying a significant monthly sum for copying charges with a commercial vendor, you may be ready to rent or purchase an office copier of your own. This will reduce travel and pickup time, and eliminate commercial rates. Here are some options to consider when selecting a copier for business use.

Options to Consider When Selecting a Copier

1. Do you want color or black and white copies? Depending on the type of business you own or operate, you can get either type of copier to meet your printing needs. For example, if you mail fliers that include color graphics of your products and services, a color copier would be a good choice, as color copies can be pricey when produced commercially. But if your primary use of the copier will be for black-and-white print documents, why pay for color options that you will not often use?

2. Do you need high-speed production? For projects that require prompt turnover, you will want to get a copier that can produce multiple copies per minute, perhaps 20 or more. You may need to pay extra for high-speed production on some models, but other manufacturers sell high-speed copying features at regular prices. If you have no particular need for fast-paced printing, a copier that produces 16 or 17 copies per minute may be adequate.

3. How important is copying quality? For office materials that only a few people will read on random occasions, you may not need top-quality printing features. You can get medium-level reproduction for most of your printing jobs, and take more important jobs to a commercial copying center, if need be. But if you plan to product B2B or sales materials on your copying machine, you will want to use a quality grade of print that will make a good impression to the outside world.

4. Will you need a service contract? Most copiers come with the option to purchase a service contract for routine maintenance and upgrades as well as any repairs that may need to be made. You can purchase a service contract with your copier, or rent one on a monthly or annual basis. If one of your employees knows a lot about copiers and is willing to undertake any additional needed training, you may be able to buy a lower-cost service option, or eventually drop it if your staff can keep up with copier needs.

5. Are you looking for a particular brand name? There are plenty of top-quality copiers on the market today. Visit the manufacturers' websites to read about the features and advantages for the type of model you would like to get. Compare costs and features among two or three models to get the best deal for your business. You also can visit discussion boards or product review sites to find out what users have to say about a certain model.

No two copiers are the same. So take your time to shop around and get a great deal on the one that will best serve your business interests.

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