Additional Terminal Tips

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Additional Terminal Tips

There are many places to purchase credit card terminals. Most merchant account providers offer them, and this can be very useful if you like the models available. The units come pre-programmed, and you may get a break since many providers use it as an incentive on which a long-term relationship can be founded. Many account providers will also keep you updated on new products and offer decent service and fair return policies.

Other vendors are available as well. Where you buy is not as important as what you buy. If your merchant account provider does not offer a terminal that meets your needs, find a company that does. If there is a local vendor you can buy from, he or she can help you program your terminals and train your employees in their proper use. Additionally, you often receive better service from local vendors.

And, like everything else, it is possible to purchase credit card terminals over the Internet. But a credit card terminal online is just like any other online purchase. A measure of caution is required. Make sure that you do some research on the company, and make sure that you understand the return policies. You want to make sure that the vendor is reputable, and you do not want to be stuck with high restocking fees. Also understand the service agreements and warranties that come with your credit card terminal.

Proper terminal care

It is very important to periodically clean your credit card terminals and printers. Keep them free of paper lint, crumbs, and dust. These things can build up in printers and slow the printing. Additionally, dirty terminals can cause problems with the strip reader. You can remedy this problem by using compressed air. Compressed air comes in pressurized cans and can be found in the computer accessories section of most department and office supply stores. Keeping your equipment clean will help it last longer.

Credit card fun facts

  • The first charge cards were issued in 1914 by Western Union. They were meant to make transactions by their best customers more convenient.
  • Credit cards as we know them were first issued in 1950 by the Dinersí Club.
  • Card companies used to mail active credit cards to people who had not requested them. Imagine the problems with fraudulent use if Congress hadnít outlawed that practice!
  • In 2003, over $2 trillion was charged using credit cards.
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