Credit Card Terminal Receipt Printers

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Credit Card Terminal Receipt Printers

Receipt printers are necessary for the generation of signature slips and receipts. They come either built in to your terminal or separately. There are two main types of printer: thermal and dot matrix. Think about your needs, and determine what best suits your business needs based on reliability, cost, and speed. Also take into account paper loading method. Many printers now feature “drop-in” loading, which is simpler and less of a hassle when customers are waiting.

Dot Matrix

Pins and ink ribbon are use in dot matrix receipt printers to create the receipt and signature slip. Regular paper is used (usually on a roll). Most dot matrix printers fall in price between $200 and $400. Print speeds are low, however, maxing out at four lines per second.


Special heat-sensitive paper is required for thermal receipt printers. They generate signature slips and receipts by making use of heat to “burn” the necessary words and amounts into the paper. They are quieter, faster (up to 15 lines per second), and more reliable. They do cost more — $300 to $500. However, the cost of buying special paper often balances out the costs involved with purchasing ink ribbons and paper for dot matrix models.

Other printer options

There are inkjet receipt printers, but they are fairly rare. The only advantage an inkjet has over the other two is printing in color. An inkjet is not as fast as a thermal printer, nor are they as inexpensive as a dot matrix. For most businesses, the ability to print in color is not worth the choice between a sacrifice in quality and a sacrifice in cost-efficiency.

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