Co Location Services

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Co Location Services

When you are worried about keeping your servers at your place of business, it is possible to take advantage of co location services and have your servers located elsewhere along with other companiesí servers. These facilities are usually secure and they offer a good places to keep your server hardware and provide a secure point for your company to conduct e-commerce and other Web related functions.

Advantages and Disadvantages fo Co Location Services

Co location services are becoming more in demand and companies expand their Internet capabilities, and as the establishment of virtual businesses becomes more common. Companies are realizing that they do not have the capability to protect the hardware that holds valuable information, or even that their company headquarters or offices are just too small to be cramming servers in. Co location facilities are being built throughout the world, and there are already facilities in the United States on both coasts. These facilities are in demand because of their convenience and security, as well as the fact that many hosting companies combine Web hosting services with co location services.

There are many disadvantages to a company housing its servers on its own premises or in a common warehouse. Such places are more prone to fire, vandalism, and theft. Co location services, however, offer up more secure locations for server hardware. These locations are usually highly secured and in out of the way places. This means that they are not normally obvious targets for the kinds of crimes that businesses are. Additionally, most of the facilities are designed with computer hardware specifically in mind.

Some of the features offered in facilities run by co location services include climate controlled interior, back up generators, filtered power, dire detection devices, as well as advanced fire extinguishing technology, and multiple connection feeds. Most servers are kept in their own secure cage or cabinet and have dedicated Internet connections so that companies can access them even from great distances. Co location services are specifically intended to provide a place that is as safe as possible for clients who depend upon having reliable Internet service and that are heavily involved in e-commerce and the global marketplace.

Protection for you Co Location Services

Co location services are very valuable because of how they protect computer hardware. Some companies that offer co location services also offer other Web related services as well. They provide Web hosting on dedicated connections and even provide administration services regarding your Web site. Additionally, if you do not have your own server, many hosting companies keep their servers in co location facilities. This means that you know that your site is safe and in a good place, indicating that your Web site is less vulnerable to down time.

When you are unsure about whether you have enough room in your company building to house servers, or if you just arenít sure your hardware is safe, you can make use of co location services to give you peace of mind. They are usually reasonably priced, and can save you a great deal of space, trouble, time, and money.

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