Dedicated Servers

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Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are those that are meant for just one Web site or one companyís group of Web sites. Dedicated servers are sought after by bigger companies that want to have very reliable Web sites and that need a lot of bandwidth and disk space. These servers allow companies to do a great deal with their Web sites and to offer more interesting and interactive Web sites that are graphic heavy and that have plenty of room to expand.

Does your website needs require a Dedicated Server?

Everything that you find on the Internet is stored on a computer somewhere. The computers that store Web sites are called servers. These servers are all connected to each other by the Internet, and your own computer has access to them through the Internet. These servers, just like any other computer, have limited amounts of disk space and offer only so much bandwidth. With shared and public servers, the space and the bandwidth are shared by others. This means that you cannot take up as much space, and someone else taking a large portion of the bandwidth may mean that your site loads slower or responds more sluggishly to online users.

Dedicated servers get rid of the problems associated with free and shared servers. Because your company is the only company on the site, you can use all of the available bandwidth and space. And, without extra sites to bog the serverís speed down, you offer faster connection and download times, and you also have a more stable server that is less prone to crashing.

There are two ways that your business can make use of dedicated servers. The first is to simply buy a server. Then it belongs to you and you can put whatever Web site you want on it. However, you are responsible for the server if you purchase an entire dedicated server. This means that you will need the proper tech people, and that you will have to build your own Web site or pay someone else to build it and then download it onto your server when the site is complete. Another way to get a dedicated server is to rent it from a hosting company.

How can i maintain my server?

Plenty of hosting companies offer dedicated servers for rent. These companies own scores and scores of their own servers, and then rent them out for a fee. If you choose to make use of a dedicated server from a full service hosting company, then everything is taken care of for you. You can direct the company in building you a Web site, and the host will maintain it for you. Additionally, other services like monitoring and security can also be part of the hosting package. You are not responsible for having tech guys to fix the server if needed, either. That is the job of the hosting company.

Dedicated servers can be a great help to companies that want better Web sites and want to ensure that their site has fewer problems and that their server has less down time and is less likely to crash.

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