Managed Web Hosting Services

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Managed Web Hosting Services

Basic Web hosting services basically include just providing a place for you to put your Web site. Other services may be included, but you buy them at additional costs. Managed Web hosting, on the other hand, is a full service type of Web hosting. All of your Web related needs are taken care of by one company. And the company usually assigns a project manager to your account so that you only have to talk to one person when it comes time to handle concerns or make changes to your Web page. Managed Web hosting services can be very helpful to medium to large sized businesses.

How can a Web Presence help in today's Business Market?

Most businesses recognize the need for some sort of a Web presence. This means that a Web site is necessary. This often translates directly into a great deal of work. Many businesses just do the bare minimum with bare bones sites that do not offer much beyond contact information and maybe pictures of a few products. If you want a Web site that people can really use, and that draws them in, it is necessary to put more work into it. The problem is that it can be expensive, time consuming, and frustrating for many businesses.

Managed Web hosting services help eliminate most of the work associated with building and maintaining a Web site. These companies will host your Web site on a shared or dedicated server. Most manage Web hosting services that offer shared servers do not put dozens, or even hundreds, of sites onto one server. Managed hosts take care to ensure that their servers are not overburdened, and so limit the number of sites that can be located on a shared server. A dedicated server, however, is one that is entirely devoted to your Web site, or your company’s group of Web sites.

Other services offered by managed Web hosting services include things like security, virus protection, monitoring, and support. Some companies will build and entirely maintain your site. Additionally, backup and restoration services and administration services are offered. And on dedicated servers there is usually a remote reboot capability that allows you to reboot the server if necessary. You receive superior support and qualified engineers and techs when you use a company that offers managed hosting services. Many hosting companies also guarantee good server performance and a minimum amount of server down time.

Does Managed Web Hosting save you time or money?

Managed Web hosting services are not cheap. They usually cost upward of $100 per month, and can become very expensive if you have a lot of needs that you would like the host to fulfill. However, it is possible to find companies that offer good service at reasonable prices. Many business owners feel that managed Web hosting services are worth the price because it saves them from having to pay and provide benefits for in house techs to maintain the site. Additionally, they count time as money, and the time saved in when one is not always worrying about the Web site is often considered valuable and worth the price paid.

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