ATM Distributors Why They Must Be There Before and After the Sale

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Why must ATM distributors be there for clients both before and after the sale?

The answer is simple: Good customer service before AND after the sale brings about repeat customers and referrals. Remember, the customer is a powerful person. If the customer has one bad experience, you can believe he or she will tell anyone and everyone who will listen about it. If you are trying to build a good business, bad experiences will kill it faster than anything else ever could.

Getting Answers to Your Questions

Stay on top of customer service. It begins before the sale. If you call, write or email about your interest in an ATM distributor, make sure the company follows up as quickly as possible. If you ask questions, they should be answered thoroughly and promptly. If they don't know the correct answer, they should say so. There is nothing wrong with not knowing everything. In fact, most people will probably gain trust in the company when they receive honest answers . . . even if that answer is, "I don't have the answer, but let me find out and get back with you by the end of the day."

If they give you a time limit, make sure they honor it. But if they cannot find the answer you need by the specified deadline, call back to inquire and make sure all your questions are answered. Just be honest, and you will get your business relationship with the ATM distributor off to a great start.

ATM Distributor Service Doesn't End With the Purchase

Now that you have chosen an ATM distributor and bought your ATM product or services, the ATM distributor's work does not stop. You must still keep your ATM customers satisfied, even if your company is small and you have to deal with a lot of other business issues. Keep in touch with the ATM distributor. When it comes right down to it, they are the people you have to communicate with. They sold you the product, and they understand the product. Usually you can call a service representative personally if you ever have any trouble with customer service or repair departments for your ATM machine. Let them know that while you don not anticipate any problems, you will be in touch if you do run into any.

With that said, make sure the ATM company you choose follows up on your concerns and gets back to you in a timely manner. If you've been trying to reach someone from tech support but can't seem to get through a busy switchboard, make sure someone takes your phone number and ask someone from tech support to give you a call. Even if it takes tech support a while to solve your problem, you will be impressed if the response is prompt. This is how solid business relationships are built.

Building Solid Business Relationships with Your ATM Distributor

If you want to build your business, service both before and after the sale is of utmost importance. Don't slack on either aspect. A satisfied customer is a long-term customer. When a satisfied customer tells other people about his or her great experience with you and your company, it is better than any type of advertising you could ever invest in.

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