ATM Sales - What Should You Expect?

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If you've ever considered buying an ATM machine, but think the ATM sales business is probably too complicated, think again. While there's going to be a learning curve, this is a business that can be learned by anyone who has a tendency toward entrepreneurship.

Getting Started

Start with the basics. Take a look at the major manufacturers of ATM machines, and those who advertise themselves as ATM sales companies. You should expect from these companies the exact same service you'd expect from anyone offering a product competitive prices, service after the sale, technical assistance and the ability to upgrade.

The Importance of Versatility

Remember that ATM machines exist simply because of two things the demand for convenience and the technology to make that need a reality. That brings us to one of the things you should demand from a company touting ATM sales. Ask about the machine's versatility. If the company comes out with a new technology the ability to wash clothes while waiting for a completed transaction, for example will the machine you're looking at be able to handle the uploads? That is certainly an exaggeration of the service you would expect from an ATM machine, but a few years ago ATM owners probably thought tickets sales were also an impossible service. Today, ATM machines serve as ticket kiosks and more.

Price Comparison

Take time to compare prices, but don't look only at price. Some companies offer lease purchase options, or even a "rental" opportunity. Those may very well be what you need to get you started in your business endeavor.

Service and Support

With almost any business enterprise, service after the sale is vital. If your machine is down, people will remember it as an unreliable location. Not only will you lose that day's transactions and the accompanying profits, but you will also lose in the future because the customer who doesn't successfully complete a transaction is likely to find another ATM location for their next try.

Some companies offer a network of technicians to help you keep your machine maintained. This isn't necessarily part of the ATM sales process, so keep it in mind as you choose a company to purchase your ATM machines from.

Consider Your Location

Locations are another important issue to consider as you look into the potential of getting an ATM machine or expanding your current network of machines. Some companies offer to help you find locations, but others simply offer up the product, leaving the location to you. If you're opting to take over an existing location, you should probably get a look at the previous owner's profit margin, if possible.

The location may be important for another reason. If it's a "through the wall" ATM machine, you're probably going to need a machine that fits that existing spot. Some ATM sales companies tout their ability to retrofit machines so that you can use any existing space.

Locating the Best Deal for Your Business

There are many things to consider as you look at purchasing an ATM. Remember that there is profit to be made, but don't think that the money is simply going to roll in without your input. From periodically checking machines to maintenance, you have to be willing and able to invest some time as well as the initial financial investment. If you do your research, however, and choose your ATM sales company carefully, you will find out why so many people are opting to go into business with an ATM machine.

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