Free ATM Placement Programs - What Are the Benefits of a Free ATM Placement?

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Free ATM Placement

Free ATM placement programs have been around as long as the ATM machine business itself. Free ATM placements are designed for high traffic locations that need a high volume, full service ATM machine with out any of the headaches of owning one.

How does it work?

In most cases, a high traffic location is offered a turnkey package with a free ATM placement at no charge. In return, the ATM distributor will provide the location with a percentage of the ATM surcharge revenue from each valid cash withdrawal from the ATM. The ATM distributor will be responsible for everything revolving around the free ATM placement. They will pay for the ATM, ship the ATM, install the ATM, load cash into the ATM and then maintain the ATM for the life of the free ATM placement.

And what does the business owner have to do?

The location owner does absolutely nothing but cash the checks when they arrive in the mail from the ATM distributor (or direct deposit if you choose).

Free ATM placements are can be the best way to take advantage of the ATM boom without any of the risks or headaches involved in the risks, purchasing, installation, and maintenance of the ATM Machine. No headaches, no investment, no worries. So the only thing you should think about now is which ATM distributor you want to go with for your new ATM placement.

How can Biz Quoter help?

This is where Biz Quoter comes in. Simply fill in our simple online form to submit your information outlining your current free ATM placement needs. You will then be contacted by two or three of the most reputable ATM distributors in the country within 24 hours. Simply shop and compare the offers from both ATM distributors and ultimately choose the best free ATM placement distributor that fits your ATM needs.

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