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ATM's Focused on Affordability

Have you been thinking about the potential income possibilities of ATM machines and thinking you'd like to get in on that action? Do you immediately follow that thought with the recognition that you can't possibly afford to buy those machines outright? Take a look at Tidel ATM machines, and then look at the company's affordable lease-purchase options. You may find that you're closer to being ready to start a lucrative ATM business than you thought.


You can choose from the very basic Tidel ATM machines to the Tidel 3800 with multimedia capabilities. This particular machine can meet the demands of today's complicated transactions. For example, the 3800 can serve as a very basic ATM, completing cash transactions with a minimum of bother. But you may be missing out on a very important customer base by not offering check cashing. The 3800 can take care of those customers who need to cash specific kinds of checks as well.

Widescreen Display

The wide-screen monitor can be used for advertising another potential source of income. Or you can offer up short entertainment clips to play as your customers wait for their transactions to be completed. Think that's pretty incredible? Your customers will too, especially when they find out they can purchase various tickets and even pay for travel arrangements, all through this one handy location.

Servicing Your Tidel ATM Machine

If you think service of your ATM machine is important, you're right. Tidel recognizes both that service is sometimes required and that you may prefer your own service technician over Tidel service providers. If that's the case, you can quickly order and track parts through the company's website. Just choose the parts you need and place your order. If you wonder where the part is, when it was mailed or when it's due to arrive to you, just go back to the website and check the status of the part. It's all designed to help your business be as profitable as possible.

Tidel ATM Machines In Thirty Eight Countries

If you're looking to increase your ATM network overseas, Tidel may very well have the answers you're looking for. Take a minute to consider that Tidel ATM machines are currently located in some thirty-eight countries, according to information from Tidel.

ATM Machine Security

Security is always an issue and Tidel ATM machines have been at the cutting edge of technology for many years with security-minded machines. After creating the technology designed to deter would-be robbers, Tidel moved right on to offer the first dial-up ATM available to the general public. These ATM machines are also very compact so that they'll fit in the smallest imaginable space, all aimed at what the company calls "low cost, high reliability" technology. When you consider Tidel's commitment to developing new ideas, you can probably imagine yourself as part of this winning team.

This company is based in Texas and produces a variety of self-service machines, such as ATMs.

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