Choosing the Right Promotion Items

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Choosing the Right Promotional Items

Today, there are hundreds of promotional items to choose from for your business. In fact, the main problem you may face will be to restrict your choice to the items that will best reflect your company's image. Just pick out the product that will accommodate your logo, and then set up a marketing plan to make the best use of this proven advertising strategy. If you are not sure about the type of item you want to give away, here are some possibilities to consider.


This is a very popular item to hand out or sell cheaply. People love wearing t-shirts or caps with a logo, as well as weather gear like rain ponchos, scarves, or blankets. When they wear these items in public, they provide free advertising for your company.

  • Pros: Attractive, widely used, employee loyalty and recognition.
  • Cons: Seasonal variations, unpredictable sizes, style preferences.


People have to eat, and many of us enjoy tasty junk food almost like a hobby. There are plenty of varieties in this category, including cookie baskets, designer candy, gourmet coffee and tea, and fruits or nuts. Gift certificates for a free beverage at a fast food restaurant are another popular idea. Popcorn packets, small bags of chips, or candy samplers also attract positive attention.

  • Pros: Many packages and types, universal appeal, easy to give away.
  • Cons: May be difficult to store, possible allergen for some, not for the health-conscious.

Office Novelties

There is something for everyone here, from gift picture frames, to a Rolodex, or a desk calendar. Whatever someone might use on a desk is sure to be welcome, and will serve as a constant reminder to the user of your company's image and generosity.

  • Pros: Widely popular, easy to distribute, variety of colors and designs.
  • Cons: May be generic or nondescript; some may be prohibitively expensive.

Utilitarian Items

When all else fails, you can hand out drinking mugs, engraved pens, canvas bags, and a host of other items that are great for the home or office. These long-popular staples continue to enjoy widespread use at many types of business events.

  • Pros: Branding options, easy to store and distribute, most people appreciate these. They may include stress relievers, toys, or gadgets.
  • Cons: Even those for whom they are not intended may get hold of these, interfering with your marketing plan. Make sure these don't get lost, misplaced, or misused.

Whatever your company is or does, look for a gift that links to your image. For example, a bakery might give away a decorative cookie cutter. An office supply store could offer commemorative letter openers. A printing business may be able to provide sample placemats for a restaurant or business cards for an executive.

Shop for ideas on the Web or at your favorite office supply stores. If you cannot find just what you want, a promotional gift vendor will work with you to explore possibilities or find the right item for your company or customers.

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