Promotional Merchandise Pricing

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Promotional Merchandise Pricing

Comparing costs for promotional items, you will find that the price range varies considerably, typically anywhere from less than a dollar to twenty dollars or more. Pricier items for special occasions, such as an anniversary clock, can run into the hundreds of dollars. In some cases, you may want to stock up on hundreds of smaller items for a trade show or county fair. But there may be times when you need just a few dozen, for employee retirements or promotions, for example. Although you can get a great deal by buying in bulk, you also should keep the per-item price in mind when planning your order.

If you think you may use more of the same item in the future, perhaps in six months or a year, at the next county fair, for instance, you may want to order at the next quantity level for an even bigger price break. Of course, if you plan to change your logo or evaluate the effectiveness of a particular promotional item, it may be better to wait and see before placing an extra-large order. Then, if the order doesn't come out as you had hoped, you can try another vendor to see how the next one turns out.

The majority of distributors typically request a setup fee in addition to your per-unit or volume order price. This fee covers the cost of creating a mold or template for your product. Some vendors also require a minimum order or base price, which might be as low as five hundred pieces or five hundred dollars. Find out about these minimums when comparing prices among distributors before placing your order to ensure you get the best deal. This is especially relevant if you plan to place a relatively small order.

Plan to pay more if you require help in setting up the correct kind of graphics for your logo. Some manufacturers impose a pricey hourly rate to manage your art files or convert them to the correct style for imprinting. You may want to hire a freelance graphic designer to assist you with this phase of the artwork, which can be cheaper than paying the distributor to handle this for you.

Don't cut corners on your merchandising materials. Distributing calendars with poor quality printing or pens that break easily can create a negative image of your company. Give the public and your employees an enjoyable, usable gift that will get them talking favorably about your business. Get the color, size, and design you want that will do your company justice rather than taking cheaper versions of these to save a few dollars.

Before placing an order, discuss payment terms. Some vendors wish to be paid in advance. But others may be willing to accept payment on delivery. As you develop a working relationship over time with your distributor, you might even become eligible for discounts or top terms, especially when you pay your bill on time and come back with repeat business.

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