Promotional Products Pros and Cons

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Promotional Products Pros and Cons

Promotion products make a wonderful addition to a growing company's marketing program. However, it is a good idea to keep in a mind a few pros and cons when deciding whether to use promotion products, and how to do so. The following guidelines may be of interest.

Pros of Using Promotional Products

Do you know anyone who doesn't get excited about receiving a free gift? Everyone loves the thrill of getting something that costs nothingówhat a bargain! But the real deal benefits the company who is giving away the goods, especially when the gift turns out to be an item of everyday use. This might be a mouse pad, a CD holder, or a pocket calculator. Most of us use items like these on a routine basis. Now, imagine dozens of people in the area using an indispensable item of this type with your company's name or logo emblazoned on it. Everyday, your business flashes before their eyes. Consciously and unconsciously, you are scoring a mental hit. The gift recipient may soon be recommending your business to others, simply because your name is on the tip of his tongue.

Now consider the customer who wears your name on an article of clothing or a piece of sports equipment, like a sun visor or a sweatband. Instead of paying thousands for public advertising, you can get the same effectóor betteróby giving away promotional items that cost no more than a dollar or two. At the same time, you will be earning their good will and the public's good opinion.

You can choose promotional merchandise from an array of gift options. You will find something for everyone, from clients to vendors, and county fairs to tradeshows. Buy in bulk to keep extras on hand, and your per-piece price can drop even further. Many items can come in your choice of color, with ample opportunities for imprinting your company's name or logo, and contributing to brand recognition. Some companies are able to build up a following in a community so that people actually call ahead before a public event to ask for the sought-after item that has attracted widespread interest.

The Potential Down Side of Using Promotional Products

No matter how attention grabbing your promotional merchandise may be, you will need a marketing plan for distributing the products. Failing to carefully manage this marketing strategy may lead to unwarranted expense with a lack of clear or meaningful results. Promotional product experts can help you develop a campaign that will make good use of your merchandise.

Certain products you may be interested in could be difficult to obtain or distribute because of their size and usage. Be sure to make a careful selection of the best type of promotion product for your company image. Set reasonable goals about the amount and type of printing you want to include on the product. A short, focused message will have a more lasting impact than one that tries to say too much in a small space.

Plan the use of promotion products well in advance of the events for which they will be ordered. Check the ordering times and delivery costs before placing an order to be sure you receive the items in time to feature them as planned, for example, at the annual recognition dinner or company golf fundraiser. Be sure you have a good estimate for the prevalent gender, age, or interests of guests who will receive promotional merchandise at a specific event, as you don't want to order a gender-specific product like embossed golf balls if most of the invitees don't golf.

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