Promotional Products Introduction

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Promotional Products Introduction

Do you want to attract and keep top-quality customers? Then give away your goods! Before you write off this idea as crazy, remember that everyone is still looking for that elusive free lunch. The Depression-era free meal was developed to offer a needed commodity in return for steady business. The same principle can work for you today.

How Do I Get Started Acquiring My Promotional Products?

First, you will need to choose a marketable product from your current line, one that customers seem to enjoy. It could be an item that is simply cute, clever, or convenient, but also one that will make people think of your business whenever their eyes rest on it at home or in the office. Everyday items that make popular giveaways include pens, rulers, calendars, mugs, and mouse pads. Of course, there are dozens of other low-cost possibilities to consider. Choose one that reflects your business in a positive light. Look for promotional products that will stand apart from others if customers have to choose among several options while at a trade show, for example.

Promotional Item Budget

Next, figure out a budget. This will help you decide how many you can afford to stock and give out at trade shows or county fairs, or as advertising promotions for a range of possibilities. In addition to handing them out to the community for special events, award them to employees for a job well done, party favors, or another worthwhile event. Anyone can make good use of a promotional item when they use it in public where others can see and admire it. Keep in mind that you will get a better price when you buy in bulk. You can calculate this cost as an investment, as advertising, or as a marketing expense that will help to grow your business if all goes well. Don't overspend on this type of expenditure, but don't skimp, either.

Choose a Logo

Then, decide on the logo you want to use on your promotional gifts. The logo should be an imprint of your company's name or marketing slogan, something that the general public can immediately identify and connect to your business. You may want to use company colors, print style, or symbol to decorate a cap, clock, or other item that people will receive and use, and perhaps tell others about. The item should be useful rather than a nuisance, so choose a thoughtful gift that will attractively represent your company to the public at large. Something that is weird or goofy may not project the image you want it to.

How Can Having Promotional Products Help My Business?

Some experts claim that U.S. promotional items in 2004 brought in $17 billion in sales. Many types of companies utilize these valuable marketing tools, from blue-collar industries like construction to top-line executives in blue chip corporations. If you are not using promotional ware currently, why not begin taking advantage of this tremendous marketing opportunity before the competition cuts into your sales? We can help you choose relevant promotional merchandise that will make your company proud. Check out our full range of products for some ideas on those that will best suit your business.

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